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The Road to Self-Awareness

The Road to Self-Awareness


Here’s the one motivational book that provides you with a comprehensive approach to true healing — not cheap gimmicks masquerading as inner peace. Modern society has deconstructed our reality and placed blinders over our eyes. That’s why, in these pages, Ian Murphy shares the story of his healing from obesity —a story not about weight loss but about transformation, one that showcases what the life-changing truths of the Christian faith look like in action.


Unsatisfied with the typical “self-help” books that limit their scope to mere problem-solving, symptom management, or pain alleviation, Ian set out to demonstrate through his own broken quest for well-being that there is a path to true betterment — one that recognizes and celebrates a person’s inherent dignity as someone made in the image and likeness of God.

Ian’s story is both authentic and amusing, a journey into total and lasting healing that can be replicated by anyone who feels trapped in self-doubt or anxiety, toxic messages or addictions, lethargy or misspent energy. It’s for all who seek a way out of the rut of simply existing or who are sick of merely reducing suffering and long to attain abundant life. You will discover not only what you are healed from but what you are healed for — the God of all joy awaits you. You will learn:


  • The definition of true healing and seven key aspects of restoration
  • What obstacle blinds you to seeing and thinking clearly
  • Our powerful ally against ignorance and irrationality
  • The one truth that is crucial to healing
  • What your focal point should be in the healing process
  • Two things that many forms of therapy often miss


You will also learn about the role of emotions on your healing journey and how to cure disorder at its roots. Gradually, you will grasp how to overcome fear and develop virtue. By opening your heart to God’s mercy and healing, you will discover who you are as a beloved child of God and will experience spiritual renewal.

  • Editorial Reviews

    "With important insights and VERY worthwhile!"
    — Paul C. Vitz, Ph.D., Senior Scholar/Professor, Divine Mercy University


    "Funny, practical, and thoroughly Catholic. Not just another self-help book."
    — Mike Aquilina, Author, The Fathers of the Church 


    "I strongly recommend this book to anyone who seeks true and lasting healing, whatever their struggle may be."
    Jim Anderson, Pastoral Care Coord., The Coming Home Network Int'l.


    “An invitation to the reader to not only read, but to feel, digest, and enter deeply into this incredible story of healing and conversion.”

    Bishop Jacques Fabre-Jeune, Diocese of Charleston



    Dr. Elke Stephan, Cana Family Institute


    “This book is pure Dr. Ian Murphy: engaging storytelling, good humor, passion for Jesus, vulnerability and honesty, and compassion for all, especially that person (reader) right in front of him. Few have demonstrated the dynamism of virtues as clearly as Dr. Ian Murphy… what a wonderful and helpful book.”

    Harvey Payne, Psy.D., Counselor and Psychologist, VP Academic Affairs for Digital Learning, Divine Mercy University


    “A true example of what it means to heal and to recognize one’s worth. A great read!”

    Mallory Wines, Ph.D., LPCC-S, Assistant Professor, School of Counseling, Divine Mercy University


    “This work truly illuminates the idea that we are not a problem to be fixed, but rather a priceless work of art that is worth a high level of care, respect, and restoration.”

    Dr. John West, LPC, NCC, Lead Author of Emotional Intelligence for Religious Leaders


    “The most enlightening part of this book for me is realizing that I am not a problem to be ‘fixed’. Rather, I’m created and loved.”

    Dr. Dennis Feltwell, East Campus Provost, Pasco-Hernando State College


    “Jesus once met a man who called himself ‘Legion’, a man who felt shattered and out of control physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Our Lord put him back together again by healing him holistically – body, mind, and soul. This book can do something like that for you, no matter the affliction.”

    Dr. Tony M. Martin, Professor of Christian Studies (retired), University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

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